Aviva Young Scholar Advantage

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Policy Details:
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Distribution in each unit linked fund (%)
Balanced Fund-II
[SFIN: ULIF01508/01/2010LIBALAN-II122]:
% Bond Fund-II
[SFIN: ULIF01608/01/2010LIFDEBT-II122]:
% Enhancer Fund-II
[SFIN: ULIF01708/01/2010LIFENHN-II122]:
Growth Fund-II
[SFIN: ULIF01808/01/2010LIGROWT-II122]:
% Protector Fund-II
[SFIN: ULIF02108/01/2010LIPROTE-II122]:
% Infrastructure Fund
[SFIN: ULIF01908/01/2010LIFEINFRAF122]:
PSU Fund
[SFIN: ULIF02208/01/2010LIFEPSUFND122]:
Extra Premium Rating
Proposer EMR% Fixed Extra

Top-up Premiums
Top up year1: Years Top up Amount1: Rs
Top up year2: Years Top up Amount2: Rs
Top up year3: Years Top up Amount3: Rs
Top up year4: Years Top up Amount4: Rs
Top up year5: Years Top up Amount5: Rs
Top up year6: Years Top up Amount6: Rs
Top up year7: Years Top up Amount7: Rs

Partial Withdrawals(PW) from Regular Premium units
Systematic Partial Withdrawal:
PW year1: Years PW Amount1: Rs
PW year2: Years PW Amount2: Rs
PW year3: Years PW Amount3: Rs
PW year4: Years PW Amount4: Rs
PW year5: Years PW Amount5: Rs
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